Friday, November 13, 2009

5 Reasons

Although I already have my Pacquiao vs Cotto results predictions, reading boxing sites led me to think that this fight couldn’t end in a draw. So I gather here 5 reasons why Manny will win. To be unbiased about it, I also come up with 5 reasons why Cotto will win.

5 Reasons why Pacquiao will win:

1. He is too quick
2. He is so powerful
3. He is coached by Roach. (Roached?)
4. Both his parents will witness the fight live. (an added inspiration)
5. He’s simply the best (a cliché from fanatics)

Do you think Cotto will take this fight lightly? Nah! Not in our time. He did not beat Shane Mosley for nothing. So here are 5 reasons why Cotto will win this match:

1. He is bigger and stronger
2. He is bigger and stronger
3. He is bigger and stronger
4. He is bigger and stronger
5. He is bigger and stronger

Sorry for the repetitions, folks. This is the main reason why some would stick by the Puerto Rican. And it's like the mantra of those who predicted a victory for him. But remember, Mosley is way, way bigger and quicker than Cotto when the Puerto Rican champ decisioned him.

And by the way, in my fictionalized version of the Pacquiao vs Cotto round-by-round results, the fight ends in a draw. You don't agree?