Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UEFA Champions’ League: Chelsea vs Juventus

Many times I have written about football. But it’s always about a team or a tournament abroad. This one is no different, since it involves my favorite team, Chelsea of UK’s Premier League. It will be Chelsea vs Juventus a few hours from now. They’re fighting for a place for the quarter finals of the 2008-2009 champons League. Too bad I don’t have a TV and a cable connection in my rented room in Sucat.

I remember many times in the past when I got a chance to see a few Champion’s league football matches, every time I visit Manila. Since the hotel room’s got a large TV, I’d sleep early and wake up in time for the exciting games. Back in Cebu, three years ago, on game date I do some officeworks at home, and stay awake for the football games shown at ESPN. Addicted I was really.

Now I have no choice. I thought of renting some cheap hotel rooms just to watch TV. Nah, not worth it! So I’d just dream of the results and imagine how my favorite team is faring against a tough opponent. I imagine a Terry header and a Lampard free kick hitting the net. I imagine Blues all over.

May Chelsea really win this time!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Day After Valentine's Day

Today is February 15, a day after Valentine's Day. What is so special about it? And what is not? This is the first time me and and wife spent Valentine's Day away from each other.

I talked to her yesterday morning. She was busy with all the ordered bouquets, and the weddings she coordinated in the afternoon. I knew she lacked sleep and she needed me that day.

Me, on the other hand, was driving around the whole afternoon, then returned home only to sleep from 630pm. I woke up at 9pm and tried to call my wife. But my phone won't work. I was too tired to wake up and so I slept again. It was already 130am when I woke up. I called her up again. This time my phone cooperated. She answered with a sleepy voice, "Ah!". I apologized, and spoke words of love and all I heard was the "ah!" reply. Sleepy that I was, I put the phone down and returned to my deep slumber.

This morning I greeted her, apologized once again, and told her how I missed her. She didn't remember me calling her up that dawn. She said she was too sleepy to remember anything.

Tuesday, will be a belated Valentine's celebration for us. She'll fly here in Manila.