Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Day After Valentine's Day

Today is February 15, a day after Valentine's Day. What is so special about it? And what is not? This is the first time me and and wife spent Valentine's Day away from each other.

I talked to her yesterday morning. She was busy with all the ordered bouquets, and the weddings she coordinated in the afternoon. I knew she lacked sleep and she needed me that day.

Me, on the other hand, was driving around the whole afternoon, then returned home only to sleep from 630pm. I woke up at 9pm and tried to call my wife. But my phone won't work. I was too tired to wake up and so I slept again. It was already 130am when I woke up. I called her up again. This time my phone cooperated. She answered with a sleepy voice, "Ah!". I apologized, and spoke words of love and all I heard was the "ah!" reply. Sleepy that I was, I put the phone down and returned to my deep slumber.

This morning I greeted her, apologized once again, and told her how I missed her. She didn't remember me calling her up that dawn. She said she was too sleepy to remember anything.

Tuesday, will be a belated Valentine's celebration for us. She'll fly here in Manila.


jho said...

post valentine celebration ha. Happy V-Day to you and your wife!

Anonymous said...

ows..don't u worry. Flowers & Chocolates always work on women!

dodong flores said...

Hello, 'Gaw!

I should be the worst husband in this planet. I wasn't able to give flowers to my wife on that day :(

tin-tin said...

oo nga pala.. flower business kayo sa cebu. pero buti pupunta siya dito sa manila :)

Anonymous said...

Ganda ng cebu. At lolong gumaganda dahil sa mga bagong teknolohiya sa turismo.


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