Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skipping Tomorrow

Sometimes I'd like to skip some portions of tomorrow, like in a time travel, or into a time warp. I just want to close my eyes and sleep, then wake up a year from now.

I don't know if I am alone with this feeling. But it's simply what I feel like now as the days are approaching. Part of me wants to stay, part of me wants the challenge, and another part of me wants to go somewhere else.

Wisdom and courage, I seek from Thee Oh, LORD!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

US vs China in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

The others should give up dreaming of landing at the top two in this 2008 Beijing Olympics. It's now US vs China. Currently, China is on the lead with 43-14-19, Gold-silver-bronze medals. US is in far second at 26-26-27, but still leads in medal total. In determining the winner, we all know that it's the number of gold that counts.

But there are so many who complained about the judging and all sorts of accusations. Here are some of them:

1. Obscure tie-break system in judging (particularly in the gymnastics)
2. Titanium robots as divers (i read this in a comment in another blog featured at yahoo)
3. Underage gymnasts (looks like the chinese are really underaged. Or they are just cute.)

There was even one medal count table which displays the rankings based on the number of medals won. Of course, it's the US on top. But it won't be for long. And when you browse on some sites and blogs that features the Olympics, it's mostly the US athletes on the front page. Michael Phelps won 8 golds alright. And it can't be disputed. But there are really sour-graping posts.

As to the judging, it is a fact that judges are prone to errors. But they are the best people for the job. In boxing, the best way to avoid biased judging is to knock out the opponent. But I don't know how they do it in gymnastics, diving, and other sports which are won by judges scores.

And where is the Philippines in the 2008 Beijing Olympics medal standings? As of today, we are nowhere in the table. Let's better be spectators to the two world superpower in sports. Their rivalry is fun to follow. I hope the politicians will not involve theirselves here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Leftover Thoughts on Google Search

Leftover Thoughts in blogspot had been in the top of SERP since a long time, even topping the one with the dotcom. There was no SEO involved. Just plain and natural link-building and blog content.

Today, in my curiosity, I peeped at Google search to find my site at no.3. There are 2.6M results in Google for that particular keyword, but since it's not something that is marketable, no one probably optimized it, because the one with the dotcom is now on top.

The wikipedia entry on SEO says
“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results for targeted keywords. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results or the higher it "ranks", the more searchers will visit that site. SEO can also target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.”

One way of going high in the search engines is to include your keyword of choice in your URL, i.e. your domain name. So, if you want your name to be easily searched, buy a domain name with your name in it. There's some bragging rights to be on top. For marketable keywords, there's plenty of money for it.

But it does not really end with the domain name. There are other techniques required to further bolster one's position. To bring this site back on top, I have to apply some techniques for leftover thoughts. I hope this works, because no one really knows the mind (algorithm) of Google.

For those who would like to experiment on SEO, there's a local contest going on around: Cebu SEO Contest. The web is rich with resources on SEO and all you have to do is research.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's Bowling Season Again

It's bowling season once again and our company team will compete against other teams starting tonight. The last tournament, we were the fourth worst team. I even feared disbandment after that losing season. But we were given another lease of life as the budget was approved. And we have five new faces on our team.

We had our practice last Monday and my 1st and 3rd game were pretty bad. I couldn't hit those spares. The new players were doing great. A colleague of mine who is new to bowling and to the team, asked why we have special balls when there are plenty of house balls. I told him that players have special needs and these special balls are designed for it. For example, the reactive balls are good for players who threw curve balls, from the side then to the center. In my experience, my highest score of 228 (one time tsamba) was made possible by those reactive balls.

It's already a long time since I breached 200. My average even dropped to 140 the last tournament. How I wish I can play more often but rentals is getting very expensive. Though I now have my own bowling balls, I still lacked practice and consistency.

Wish us all the best for tonight. This is my last season for our Cebu team as my transfer will effect next month. The tournament will run till November so I won't be playing in most games.