Friday, August 14, 2009

I Just Dropped My Blogroll

Folks, I just dropped my blogroll! Not a good news really. But I have to do it. Why? It just lead me to some spurious-looking third party site. I'm referring to blogrolling(dot)com.

I don't know what happened to it. But I am not comfortable with it anymore. So, there I just deleted it, along with the links to many of my online friends' blogs. If your link from here is gone, don't be sad. Also, don't throw your flame of fury at me. I'm gonna rebuild my blogroll anyway. Be kind to leave a comment as I had forgotten most of your sites' URL.

What's next? This site needs a lot of repair. And if you have trouble posting a comment, just click on the single post (post title). There is link at the bottom that says "Post a comment". I don't know why it is no longer in my front page. Probably this theme could be blamed for that.

This blog has really strayed farther away, traffic-wise, and in whatever blog statistics available. But I'm keeping this one nevertheless. I have my best posts archived in here.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Goodbye, President Cory!

I learned of her death from the wall messages of my FB friends. I did not bother check the news. It was a sort of expected as her doctors previously said that her time on earth was already limited.

I was still in my elementary school years when she took the power away from the dictator Marcos. I also remembered her battles with coup d'etat plotters and critiques. I don't know much about politics then, but I remembered memorizing the people in her cabinet, because of some school quizzes.

Yesterday I watched on TV her burial procession. It passed right through where I lived in Sucat. Manila memorial was only a kilometer away. But unfortunately, I was in Cebu. I could have witnessed a very important event.

Anyway, may ex-President Cory Aquino rest in peace! May she be installed a hero because I do think she has done a lot for this country. May GMA also learn from her.