Thursday, August 06, 2009

Goodbye, President Cory!

I learned of her death from the wall messages of my FB friends. I did not bother check the news. It was a sort of expected as her doctors previously said that her time on earth was already limited.

I was still in my elementary school years when she took the power away from the dictator Marcos. I also remembered her battles with coup d'etat plotters and critiques. I don't know much about politics then, but I remembered memorizing the people in her cabinet, because of some school quizzes.

Yesterday I watched on TV her burial procession. It passed right through where I lived in Sucat. Manila memorial was only a kilometer away. But unfortunately, I was in Cebu. I could have witnessed a very important event.

Anyway, may ex-President Cory Aquino rest in peace! May she be installed a hero because I do think she has done a lot for this country. May GMA also learn from her.


dodong flores said...

She's not only a hero. She's also a candidate for sainthood.

Kumusta na, 'Gaw? At long last, naka-comment na gyod ko :)

lazarus said...

commenting is back! thanks gaw! musta na ka?

dodong flores said...

Okay lang ako, 'Gaw. Just recovered from the stress in moving to a new home. Kapoy man diay uy!