Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Of Blogging Plans Again

My blogging plans never materialized. With time in my hand between 9pm to 12am on weekdays and whole day on weekends, I should have worked my butt off to make more money online. Instead, I just stared at the computer screen, facebooking, or those online games, wasting precious time.

I write this with a sigh. The other night I chatted with my cousin regarding some new plans. Maybe I was just envious that some of my friends are now earning more online when, a couple few years ago, they were earning cents. Rumors of a friend had it that than one heyday, a single post raked in $100 of adsense money. How's that for a sideline!

Or maybe I was convinced of the internet's potential, yet looked at it as a clear blue sky while lying on my back in a green green grass.

This has to change. Now.