Monday, October 17, 2016

Blogging 101: 2016 Version

How would you advice a millennial friend who has just started blogging middle of this year?  Should I just tell him to forget about blogging and focus his energy on something else?

What is blogging 101 in 2016 when your contemporaries have either quit blogging or are now blogging gurus?  The internet world must be filled with all the recycled tips by now. And I... am back to being a blogging noob.

So here's my blogging tip to a friend who just started to feel like a blogger. 

1.  Plan your blog well
2.  Start by choosing a well-thought of domain name that will become your brand for a long time
3.  Choose your blogging platform and hosting.  One that fits the budget and that is easy to maintain and upgrade. The $4-$5 monthly fee suits well for his budget.  Majority of the bloggers uses Wordpress, so I suggest he follow suit.
4.  Develop a regular schedule for posting.  One or twice a week will do, or say, every Monday or Friday.
5.  Work on developing great content. If you hate work, what can I do? 
6.  Use pictures that are easy to load in the internet.  If it loads more than 10 seconds, visitors would likely go away and never return.
7.  Have a plan to promote your site.  There is Facebook and Twitter.  I am sure that with his almost 1k friends in Facebook, he can catch the attention of half of them.
8.  Join a community of bloggers.
9.  Monetize your site.  Apply for an adsense account. Explore other options too.
10. Love blogging.  It will keep you going, at least for the next 5 years.

There you go.  I guess these are also the advice for myself if I have to redo my blogs.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers Win; So are the Fans

It wasn’t surprising for my Facebook timeline to be filled with NBA posts.  My friends are very passionate about this American sport. I could not help but post a few entries myself just to balance it out because most of them were rooting for the Golden State Warriors.  It’s Game 7 and the Warriors home court. How could LeBron and his team beat that?
Today, as I drove to the office, I kept checking the scores online and posted the FB suggestion.   All the write-ups prior to Game 7, and the betting odds were on the Warriors favour’. Cavs lead 70-63 when I first checked.  It changed favour, 76-75, a few minutes later.  I heard it rained treys in that span of time.  As I sat on my desk, I heard the chatter from the IT boys who were also monitoring the game on their PC.  It’s a seesaw battle they say.

My boss asked me to join him watch the game on TV.  How could I refuse?  He already knew that I had an outstanding bet with another colleague. It’s just a buffet lunch that could cost me my pants should Cleveland lose. Last 4 minutes and the game was tied at 89-all.

What I saw next were heart-thumping events: The block by James, the miss by Curry, the trey of Irving and the bad landing of James.  Whew! Stephen Curry, from being the unanimous season MVP, was brought down to earth by LeBron James.  “From unanimous to anonymous MVP” state a friend on his FB post.

Then all of a sudden, the FB posts of those rooting for the Cavaliers came rushing. I was all smiles as I read them.  Where are the GSW fans now?  Probably eating chicken curry.

During lunch with our company officers, the topic was still the game 7 results.  Those who rooted for the Cavs were all smiles now coz they won themselves free lunch.  It wasn’t really the buffet that I expected but at least it silenced all the pseudo-analysts of the opposing teams.  

One officer, who reluctantly rooted for the Cavs earlier in the series, quipped, “Our janitors are wiser than most of you because they are now collecting their wins.  They wisely rooted for the Cavs”.  We all had a good laugh.