Thursday, April 25, 2019

Grammar Police

In the past, grammar police are all over the blogosphere.  They don't bash you for how you look, but at how you write.  Trying-hard bloggers would often have sleepless nights trying to edit, and re-edit their own posts.  If content is King, then they made sure their content is not badly written.  Some even went to the extent of hiring professional editors. Why not?

For the simpler bloggers like me who didn't dream of stardom, we just write whatever comes to mind.  No edit, no headache. Insult to readers?  No way.  We simply write for ourselves, for our own sanity.  Readership is just a bonus.

But sometimes, in my free time, I reread some of my past posts.  Why am I not editing these posts? It's embarrassing to admit, so I just smile at my blunders.  If these were Facebook posts, maybe I really have to check and recheck my grammar. Good thing I blog in anonymity.

So where are the grammar police nowadays?  Maybe they are now into some new social media platforms.  I don't miss them anyway.

Friday, March 15, 2019

What's Up 2019?

I am not sure what I am going to write today.  Whether someone reads this post or not, it doesn't matter anymore.  As you can see, my love for blogging was gone a long time ago.  I wrote 321 posts   from 2006 to 2009. But for the last 3 years, this is only my 7th post. What's the sudden urge to write now?

I have not visited any of my friends' blog too.  Whether they still exist or not, I am not sure. My blogroll was long gone.  If I want to find them, I have to dig deep in my previous posts and their comments.

Some of them, I followed in twitter. But some have also retired from twitterverse. I hope they're all alive and well.

As for my blogging existence, I don't exactly know what to do.  What am I going to write again?  Same leftover thoughts?  Same soliloquy?  

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

My Blogging Goal for 2018

Am I just kidding myself again?

So many things I want to write.  My 2017 is full of stories.  I had ups and downs.  I had plenty of travels and adventures.  I could have written posts every week. But I do not know where to scribble them.  I have notebooks and papers everywhere.  I have two cellphones with note apps and a laptop where I can type my posts anytime.  I have twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, and internet forum membership.

But sadly, I only have one blogpost in 2017.  I haven't written any short story or a poem either.   I haven't had any blog or real twitter interaction.  I have forgotten about all my blogs.

How about you?  Are you still blogging? Or maybe, like anyone else, Facebook/Twitter/Insta killed your blog.

Honestly, I like the pre-Facebook era.  Content is king rather than the blogger himself.  Now, you got to have the face and the credentials behind the blog.  Ay, pangit pala blogger na yan. Naks!

I hope this spot of mine in the blogosphere will stay. Ok na ako with less post.  I just backread some of my posts in the past.  Nakakatuwa pala. 

And I wish Blogger to survive for a very long time, and not shutdown like the others.