Friday, March 15, 2019

What's Up 2019?

I am not sure what I am going to write today.  Whether someone reads this post or not, it doesn't matter anymore.  As you can see, my love for blogging was gone a long time ago.  I wrote 321 posts   from 2006 to 2009. But for the last 3 years, this is only my 7th post. What's the sudden urge to write now?

I have not visited any of my friends' blog too.  Whether they still exist or not, I am not sure. My blogroll was long gone.  If I want to find them, I have to dig deep in my previous posts and their comments.

Some of them, I followed in twitter. But some have also retired from twitterverse. I hope they're all alive and well.

As for my blogging existence, I don't exactly know what to do.  What am I going to write again?  Same leftover thoughts?  Same soliloquy?  

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

My Blogging Goal for 2018

Am I just kidding myself again?

So many things I want to write.  My 2017 is full of stories.  I had ups and downs.  I had plenty of travels and adventures.  I could have written posts every week. But I do not know where to scribble them.  I have notebooks and papers everywhere.  I have two cellphones with note apps and a laptop where I can type my posts anytime.  I have twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, and internet forum membership.

But sadly, I only have one blogpost in 2017.  I haven't written any short story or a poem either.   I haven't had any blog or real twitter interaction.  I have forgotten about all my blogs.

How about you?  Are you still blogging? Or maybe, like anyone else, Facebook/Twitter/Insta killed your blog.

Honestly, I like the pre-Facebook era.  Content is king rather than the blogger himself.  Now, you got to have the face and the credentials behind the blog.  Ay, pangit pala blogger na yan. Naks!

I hope this spot of mine in the blogosphere will stay. Ok na ako with less post.  I just backread some of my posts in the past.  Nakakatuwa pala. 

And I wish Blogger to survive for a very long time, and not shutdown like the others.