Friday, October 24, 2008

Come, Join Us In Our Feast

Feeding, Leftover Thoughts

Some people are so kind-hearted to share a portion of their wealth to those who are needy. May they grow in number and may they influence more people to share and bring these kids out from poverty.

(photo was taken during another feeding program organized by my wife last August)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CPA Board Exam Results, Again

The latest CPA board exam results can be found here: October 2008 CPA Board Exam Results.

My congratulations to the new Certified Public Accountants!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Smile, Kiddo

I'm just gonna share to you this pic at one of our feeding activities at a dumpsite in the city where I live.

This child, despite the mucus falling from his nose, managed to let out a smile while enjoying his meal.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Got A New Pair Of Badminton Shoes

I don't keep plenty pairs of shoes. I usually only have one good pair for work, and another pair for recreation. I don't usually buy a replacement unless the other is totally worn-out.

My SOTX badminton shoes which I bought sometime in early 2006 is in such a bad shape since late last year. I talked of buying a new pair but I kept on procrastinating. My playing days have reduced from twice a week to once every two weeks this year, so I thought putting off the purchase for a while is justifiable.

SOTX Badminton Shoes
But my shoes had it's way of telling me of letting it retire. The leather and the rubber opened up making it difficult for me to move. So, I finally decided to buy a new pair. But what brand, what type?

For those of you who knows nothing about badminton shoes, these type of shoes are common these days. They are basically gum-soled (yellowish color), non-marking, and great for indoor sports. Most badminton courts require that you wear badminton shoes when you play on their courts. This is to protect the specialized mats and of course, to protect the players. You can easily slip in the taraflex mats if you don't use gum-soled shoes. These soles are great for those quick steps, stops and turns while playing.

But it took me probably a hundred visits to the various shoe stores in Cebu before I actually bought one: A Mizuno. I hope this pair of new shoes help me get back to playing badminton again. I miss playing in the tournaments.

Mizuno Badminton Shoes

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blog Visits and Other Stats

Even I myself failed to regularly visit this blog. Looking at my Feedjit (at the bottom of my right sidebar), the visitors are mostly from Google, searchers who could not be bloggers. I did not enter this site in entrecard, so I miss 20-30 possible blog visitors daily from that community. I checked my Sitemeter. The number of visits had indeed halved. From a high of 1k visits in January to an average of 400 visits these last four months. My other site is receiving more than 3k visitors a month, these last 6 months.

My posts had become rare too. For the month of September, I only had two short posts. In July and August, I had four for each month. It seemed that my focus had been in my other sites; the updates, the commenting strategies, the SEO, the promotions, etc… Too many blogs to maintain, too short a time to blog.

There are no most paid posts here unlike before. Blog income had significantly reduced and or nil. Now that my PR is back, it doesn’t mean that I’ll fill this blog with paid posts again. I think am already done with that. On the other hand, my Alexa rank is somewhere at 3.9M. That is a very low rank! By gaining more visitors, Alexa rank will also improve. It is only I who is to be blamed for the decrease of my blog visits and other stats.

I also logged out from MyBlogLog, hence, if you have the widget installed, you will not find me when I visit your site. Also, you will rarely find me commenting more often in your blogs these days. Perhaps I did so using another name and with a link to another site. Or if you had that entrecard widget, I must have dropped a card. But I did visit a few blogs in my blogroll and read entries covering for months. I really missed a lot.

For this month of October, expect that I’d visit all the blogs in my blogroll at least once. Some had already de-linked me but that is fine. We often forget past friendships. I’m gonna cleanse my blogroll too, along with the annoying widgets that slows down loading time. But, hey, I’m still around blogging. If you’d like to follow my other blog as well, visit this link. I announced this in the past, but perhaps you just missed it.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Belated Congratulations

Upon learning of the results of the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards a couple of weeks ago, I was just too happy to see very familiar blogs. These blogs are in my blogroll for many many months now.

Friends, bloghoppers, or whoever you are reading this post, let me introduce to you 3 award winning bloggers:

Best Blog – Family and Living
The D Spot – by Dine Racoma

Dine Racoma is Sexy Mom, a Filipina doing what she likes best—writing, her passion. She writes freelance, does research, advises on new media, and manages a virtual assistance office for home-based jobs. A mother of 7 (what joy!) foremost, a wife, MIL, grandma to 2 pretty girls and an angel in heaven, sister, daughter, friend. Was in the corporate world for 27 years, the first 5 as Executive Secretary to an affiliate of the country’s biggest drug chain, and the last 22 as an international civil servant in an international development bank with HQ in Manila. Traveled extensively to many countries bringing about rich experiences and lessons learned to share with dear Readers. All these—in The D Spot. (from the About page) Her blog was also one of the top 10 emerging influential bloggers in 2007.

Best Blog - Travel
Ironwulf.Net: En Route – by Ferdz Deceña

Ferdinand Deceña is a travel photographer and award-winning blogger. A graduate of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising at the Far Eastern University, he got started on film photography during his college years. He worked as a graphic artist and web designer for three years, pursuing photography as a hobby. (from the About page)

He was also a finalist of the same category and in the Best Blog Design in last year’s Philippine Blog Awards.

Best Blog – Arts and Culture
Gibbs Cadiz – by Gibbs Cadiz

Gibbs Cadiz is a prolific writer and currently a Desk Editor for the Lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. In 2007, along with the D Spot, his blog was awarded as one of the top 10 influential bloggers. He writes mostly about theater shows and productions but he also posts some personal entries. He was also a finalist in the Fashion and Lifestyle category of 2007 edition.

Go check out these bloggers. I’m sure you’ll truly agree that they deserve the awards. My congratulations to you Sexy Mom, Ferdz and Gibbs!