Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blog Visits and Other Stats

Even I myself failed to regularly visit this blog. Looking at my Feedjit (at the bottom of my right sidebar), the visitors are mostly from Google, searchers who could not be bloggers. I did not enter this site in entrecard, so I miss 20-30 possible blog visitors daily from that community. I checked my Sitemeter. The number of visits had indeed halved. From a high of 1k visits in January to an average of 400 visits these last four months. My other site is receiving more than 3k visitors a month, these last 6 months.

My posts had become rare too. For the month of September, I only had two short posts. In July and August, I had four for each month. It seemed that my focus had been in my other sites; the updates, the commenting strategies, the SEO, the promotions, etc… Too many blogs to maintain, too short a time to blog.

There are no most paid posts here unlike before. Blog income had significantly reduced and or nil. Now that my PR is back, it doesn’t mean that I’ll fill this blog with paid posts again. I think am already done with that. On the other hand, my Alexa rank is somewhere at 3.9M. That is a very low rank! By gaining more visitors, Alexa rank will also improve. It is only I who is to be blamed for the decrease of my blog visits and other stats.

I also logged out from MyBlogLog, hence, if you have the widget installed, you will not find me when I visit your site. Also, you will rarely find me commenting more often in your blogs these days. Perhaps I did so using another name and with a link to another site. Or if you had that entrecard widget, I must have dropped a card. But I did visit a few blogs in my blogroll and read entries covering for months. I really missed a lot.

For this month of October, expect that I’d visit all the blogs in my blogroll at least once. Some had already de-linked me but that is fine. We often forget past friendships. I’m gonna cleanse my blogroll too, along with the annoying widgets that slows down loading time. But, hey, I’m still around blogging. If you’d like to follow my other blog as well, visit this link. I announced this in the past, but perhaps you just missed it.


dodong flores said...

Hello, Gaw. Kumusta na?
If only we have more time in the blogging world...
I had been very busy these past few weeks especially that one of my co-worker was on indefinite leave so bagsak diri sa ako tanan ang trabaho.
My computer is always connected to the internet but I hardly had got online. The least I can do is to check my mail yet not even very often...
I haven't had dropped anybody listed in my blogroll - personally I think it isn't right, unless there must be a more valid reason to do such...
I wish I can bloghop but I just couldn't. I couldn't even update my own site :(
Anyways, I hope you're always quite doing fine. Maintaining not only one blog is tedious, I hope you can manage it.

Congratulations diay sa imong bag-ong Nokia N82. Maayo ka da, naka-upgrade na.

Sige, Gaw. Hangtod sa sunod :)

ysrael said...

Well for me I really don't care if my blogsite is visited or not, Kasi if you are a top blogger you had this responsibilities to your readers and commenters, mahirap din 'yun di ba?

Josh of Arabia said...

nandito pa rin ako bro..and I will remain. your blog is one of those I find wd meaning when i started mine last year. remember that your not just a virtual bud for me, but a bro.:)

i understand kung minsan inactive tayo and preoccupied with many things, once in a while buzz will do, imp wag tayo makalimot..

as per my badges post..well, i said my piece. ayos lang sa voting..mdyo magulo rin ung poll e.

hope to hear from u again, soon :)keep on blogging!

Francesca said...

So many things to see in the net these days, so many blogs to read and links to update visiting, it is time consuming already, kaya, I understand you Laz. Pareho lang tau, minsan looking looking lang, whats up but not commenting, but it doesnt mean we dont care, di ba?
Charrring, lol.

Siya, i made another controversial blog and true link you, but hope, the igorots forgave my "nastiness" daw. hihi.

Sige, basta, agi agi lang to sa balay ko eh....

INKBLOTS said...

Like you, I am ranting about my rankings and all. I used to be somehow "popular" in the blogosphere...pero napagod din ako...now that I am into it again, I do not mind anymore if I have visits or none...it is my theraphy for boredom anyway. SO that is enough consolation for me.

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