Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Belated Congratulations

Upon learning of the results of the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards a couple of weeks ago, I was just too happy to see very familiar blogs. These blogs are in my blogroll for many many months now.

Friends, bloghoppers, or whoever you are reading this post, let me introduce to you 3 award winning bloggers:

Best Blog – Family and Living
The D Spot – by Dine Racoma

Dine Racoma is Sexy Mom, a Filipina doing what she likes best—writing, her passion. She writes freelance, does research, advises on new media, and manages a virtual assistance office for home-based jobs. A mother of 7 (what joy!) foremost, a wife, MIL, grandma to 2 pretty girls and an angel in heaven, sister, daughter, friend. Was in the corporate world for 27 years, the first 5 as Executive Secretary to an affiliate of the country’s biggest drug chain, and the last 22 as an international civil servant in an international development bank with HQ in Manila. Traveled extensively to many countries bringing about rich experiences and lessons learned to share with dear Readers. All these—in The D Spot. (from the About page) Her blog was also one of the top 10 emerging influential bloggers in 2007.

Best Blog - Travel
Ironwulf.Net: En Route – by Ferdz Deceña

Ferdinand Deceña is a travel photographer and award-winning blogger. A graduate of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising at the Far Eastern University, he got started on film photography during his college years. He worked as a graphic artist and web designer for three years, pursuing photography as a hobby. (from the About page)

He was also a finalist of the same category and in the Best Blog Design in last year’s Philippine Blog Awards.

Best Blog – Arts and Culture
Gibbs Cadiz – by Gibbs Cadiz

Gibbs Cadiz is a prolific writer and currently a Desk Editor for the Lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. In 2007, along with the D Spot, his blog was awarded as one of the top 10 influential bloggers. He writes mostly about theater shows and productions but he also posts some personal entries. He was also a finalist in the Fashion and Lifestyle category of 2007 edition.

Go check out these bloggers. I’m sure you’ll truly agree that they deserve the awards. My congratulations to you Sexy Mom, Ferdz and Gibbs!


Sexy Mom said...

Thanks a lot, Lazarus, as I mentioned, "Thank you so much, dear Readers, my family and friends. This Award is for you!"

happy weekend, and super God bless.

gibbs cadiz said...

belated thanks, lazarus, for the mention. :)