Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Thank God for the year 2009! Now we are looking at another year in our lives. Happy New Year 2010, everyone! I know you seldom find me here. I haven't visited the blogs of others like I used to. Sorry for that, friends. I can also understand why you aren't here anymore.

So, what happened to me in 2009? Didn't I tell you I am already based in Manila? And I've joined blogging events here too! I met a few bloggers. Some of them hotshots now. But I introduced myself with my real name and my other sites. No Laz or leftover thoughts blogger.

I met Sonnie in Iblog5. I hesitated and was having a hard time approaching him. How should I introduce myself? When you attend events such as this, you can remain anonymous if you maintain multiple blogs, and if you really want to. People will not easily remember real names if you have a name like mine. haha. Sonnie handed me his calling card. But I wasn't ready with mine. I told him my name. But I don't know if he remembers it.

At Wordcamp Manila, I met Bro. Vince. He's one of the first bloggers in my blogroll. And that is like being blogging buddies for almost 4 years. We had some gmail chat before wherein I also revealed my real name. Twas the first time we saw each other in person. We could have talked a little longer but my new buddies were hurrying to leave the place. Coffee next time bro Vince!

In 2009 was Ondoy. Had I stayed home, I could have missed the opportunity of witnessing what a flood in Manila looks like. It ain't easy. And you can't trust your vehicle when the worst comes. I had a flat tire while on EDSA.

In a few hours, it will be 2010. New year's resolution? I haven't prepared one. To lose weight will still be part of that list. Will I be attending more blogging events in 2010? Probably yes. But still no Laz or leftover thoughts blogger. I will come as me.