Thursday, November 27, 2008

Watch De La Hoya vs Pacquiao Live

Watch De La Hoya vs Pacquiao Live! I think I saw this announcement many a times in the internet. Some offered live online video streaming, and some just mentioned something like it.

For now, it is nearly impossible to watch this dream match of Pacquiao vs De La Hoya live at the MGM Grand on December 6, 2008 because all tickets were sold out two hours after they were available. Ok, perhaps there are big-time scalpers around Las Vegas. Or you may have inside pass in both camps. But for us in the Philippines, we can watch Pacquiao vs De La Hoya live on payperview, in selected movie houses and in some bars and restaurants. That is if we have P600-P1,500 to spare.

I guess a large network will air a slightly delayed coverage of the fight. I am still comfortable of knowing the results an hour or two late. But a friend inquired if I am available on this date because he will watch the fight live. Since I will be in Manila at that time and nothing to do on weekends, I said yes.

So for P900 we’re gonna watch the fight live. I’m not sure where it is gonna be as he has not sent me any details yet. I just hope that Oscar will not put Manny on a stretcher at the end of the fight. I’d like to see it the other way around, live on the large screen.

Friday, November 21, 2008

E=MC2 And Einstein's Hairstyle

Even without posting a picture, I'm sure you know who Albert Einstein is. But I think that ordinary people can better identify him by his hairstyle as compared to his theory of relativity.

Here's an excerpt from Yahoo:

e=mc2: 103 years later, Einstein's proven right

PARIS (AFP) – It's taken more than a century, but Einstein's celebrated formula e=mc2 has finally been corroborated, thanks to a heroic computational effort by French, German and Hungarian physicists.

read the full entry here>>>>

I don't know if it is good news or bad news, or anything that will benefit mankind. But I know that science still has a lot of exploring to do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gahapon Kami Nagasaulog

Gahapon kami nagasaulog
Sa duha ka mga panghitabo
Nga angayan ikalipay nining
Ubos ug uyamot ninyong igsoon.

Tukma sa adlawng natawhan,
Duna’y maayong balita
Nga kuno nakab-ot na
Ang gisaad nga promosyon.

Gahapon kami nagsaulog,
Apan uban na usab ang panamilit
Kay ang Sugbo ako ng biyaan
Ug ugma lupad na ako padulong sa Maynila.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Plenty of Fish

No, this is not about the dating website that earned record-breaking adsense earnings. This post is about fishing, our new-found hobby. I think me and my wife are already addicted to fishing.

Here are some pics of our catch the other Sunday and yesterday (2.75 kgs).

Plenty of fish, Fishing in Cebu Our catch last weekend

Plenty of Fish, BangusOur catch yesterday

Everytime we go fishing we aim at catching the biggest haul of our lives. We usually start at around 230pm and end at 600pm. Our gears are a couple of fishing rods with reel, line, floater, swivel, hooks and bait made of dough. The others who join us would settle for the rented bamboo rod. But having a special rod is not a guarantee of a catch. My latest fiberglass rod still has zero catch in 5 outings.

Don’t ask me how to catch fish. Even though my dad’s family lived near the sea, and survived with the produce of the sea, I am a product of the city. So fishing is just a hobby for us. Even the others, with the crudest of instrument, are better than me in catching fish.