Monday, November 10, 2008

Plenty of Fish

No, this is not about the dating website that earned record-breaking adsense earnings. This post is about fishing, our new-found hobby. I think me and my wife are already addicted to fishing.

Here are some pics of our catch the other Sunday and yesterday (2.75 kgs).

Plenty of fish, Fishing in Cebu Our catch last weekend

Plenty of Fish, BangusOur catch yesterday

Everytime we go fishing we aim at catching the biggest haul of our lives. We usually start at around 230pm and end at 600pm. Our gears are a couple of fishing rods with reel, line, floater, swivel, hooks and bait made of dough. The others who join us would settle for the rented bamboo rod. But having a special rod is not a guarantee of a catch. My latest fiberglass rod still has zero catch in 5 outings.

Don’t ask me how to catch fish. Even though my dad’s family lived near the sea, and survived with the produce of the sea, I am a product of the city. So fishing is just a hobby for us. Even the others, with the crudest of instrument, are better than me in catching fish.


Gypsy said...

I love the idea of going fishing--but I dont think I have the patience to wait for the fish to finally bite! :)

lazarus said...

gypsy, there was a time when we went out fishing from 8am to 7pm. we only caught fish at around 6pm. and to think that it was in a fish pond. all i got was burnt skin.

Abaniko said...

Waiting for the fish to bite the bait sometimes takes time. That's the reason why it's good to go fishing with buckets and buckets of beer. Hehe.

Panaderos said...

Great and relaxing hobby! Just curious. How long did it take you and your wife to catch all those fish?

Josh of Arabia said...

good to hear about ur new found hobby bro..tama yan, tuloy nyo..surely madedevelop pa ang gift of patience & quiet time ninyo :)