Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's Bowling Season Again

It's bowling season once again and our company team will compete against other teams starting tonight. The last tournament, we were the fourth worst team. I even feared disbandment after that losing season. But we were given another lease of life as the budget was approved. And we have five new faces on our team.

We had our practice last Monday and my 1st and 3rd game were pretty bad. I couldn't hit those spares. The new players were doing great. A colleague of mine who is new to bowling and to the team, asked why we have special balls when there are plenty of house balls. I told him that players have special needs and these special balls are designed for it. For example, the reactive balls are good for players who threw curve balls, from the side then to the center. In my experience, my highest score of 228 (one time tsamba) was made possible by those reactive balls.

It's already a long time since I breached 200. My average even dropped to 140 the last tournament. How I wish I can play more often but rentals is getting very expensive. Though I now have my own bowling balls, I still lacked practice and consistency.

Wish us all the best for tonight. This is my last season for our Cebu team as my transfer will effect next month. The tournament will run till November so I won't be playing in most games.


jho said...

Good luck!

The bowling tournament in our company just ended last week. My team got 4th place. But I got the 3rd place in the women's division for highest single (180. 1st is 187 and 2nd is 181)... and I's just about 30 pinfalls behind the 3rd place for the average category... sheez! better luck next year.

Panaderos said...

Best of luck! I love to bowl too but I don't really get to play much. I'm lucky if I break 150. Hehehe :D

Abaniko said...

An average of 200? Not bad at all. I love bowling too. I remember scoring 270 one time. It was definitely a fluke which can never be repeated. Hehe. Enjoy the games!

Lazarus said...

jho, i got 182 and 156 that night.

pan, thanks! 150-160 lang ang aimed score ko.

abaniko, wish ko lang ang 200 na average. 270 is almost a perfect game. 9 strikes yan di ba?