Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Page Rank Update in 2008

The following is a short post of Matt Cutts, the famous Google guy, in his blog dated July 24, 2008:

Hey folks, I wanted to let you know that new toolbar PageRank values should become visible over the next few days. I’m expecting that also in the next few days that we’ll be expiring some older penalties on websites.

Really? I am anxiously waiting for this. I am not sure if I can regain my PR4, but I would gladly welcome anything green in my pagerank toolbar. The last update was a disappointment for this blog. I got a PR2 after penaltization. But everything was taken away in the last update. So, despite all the backlinks I got, my PR is nil.

You see, I haven't been posting money-making reviews here for quite a long time. I've not been logging in at the paid post sites, even almost forgetting my passwords. My paypal account is almost zero, as I used my earnings to buy domains and webhosting.

But if Google would not restore my PR, so be it. I'll blog on anyway.


Panaderos said...

Yup, just blog on and write anything close to your heart. The PR will be back in due time.

Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!

Ethyl Alcohol said...

i hope your PR gets back. i just created a blogspot 4 months ago and i checked it yesterday, from n/a to pr3! yay! maybe there's something wrong with with your blogger site? can you tell me what's a back link?

Lazarus said...

pan, i think it's hopeless on blogspot, but possible for those with their own domain and hosting. I'll blog on here.

chester, have a nice day, too!

Ethyl, congrats on the PR! I was penalized because of paid posts. Backlinks and links from other sites pointing to your site. An example is the link in memes and tags.

Lawstude said...

just blog on bro. that's the right attitude.

Mitch said...

Mine was down to PR2 ahuhuhu!

Sexy Mom said...

same here, from pr4 for a long time, it went to pr2, didn't bother to ask, who knows it will revert.