Sunday, January 25, 2009

When The One You Love Is Far Away

When the spouse is left in the hometown and the other half is far away working, either one could fall into some devil's trap. Loneliness, emotional and physical deprivation, intrigues, rumors and peer pressures could lead to some marital disasters.

I've heard of stories of OFWs cohabiting with fellow OFWs in the foreign land, but returning to their separate families when they return here in the Philippines. And when they go back abroad, they continue to live their lives with their partners, or someone. In Cebuano, "basta naa lang kapahungawan sa kamingaw."

I also heard of a story wherein the husband married a citizen of his destination country just to obtain citizenship. The wife was just sent a divorce paper with the assurance that he will return to her someday when he becomes a full-fledged citizen. And the wife just closed her eyes, signed the papers, and wished him all the best.

Some of my colleagues who were assigned to some others places, frequent bars and massage parlors just to relieve themselves. Some one-night stand they say. Maintaining someone is much more expensive. And they would even pressure me to do the same as if we both stood on the same ground. "Ang swerte mo naman! Wala pala asawa mo dito!" How many times I've heard those same phrase.

But I believe that marital fidelity is not just an option or the last resort. To be faithful to the one you love (whether near or far) - that is how it should be. Living alone in Manila while wifey is in Cebu, poses a lot of challenges. But with God's help, and prayers of support from family and friends, we can overcome.

Valentine's Day romantic thoughts and ideas are floating in my mind right now. I miss my wife more and more now that Valentine's day is fast approaching.


jho said...

toughie. pero kung mahal mo talaga ang asawa mo. and you truly treasure whatever you have with her. Kahit na ano pa ang dumating na temptation, malalagapasan mo.

Umuwi na paminsan-minsan, or wiya ang papuntahin mo dito sa manila. may mga promo naman ang mga airfare ng iba't ibang airline companies e. :D

Lorie said...

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dodongflores said...

Tinuod gyod na, 'Gaw. Based on my own experience when I was a tourist in Hongkong, humot kaayo ang mga lalaki dito. Grabe ang temptation, pero wala gyod ko uy! Broken-hearted pa gyod ko adto kay bag-o lang gibulagan ug uyab.
Labi na karon nga naminyo na ko, I'd really fight and resist temptation that may come my way. Wala pa hinuon, so far. Pero moabot ra lagi kuno ang temptation in your married life. Ako gyud nang pangandaman...

tin-tin said...

bow ako sayo. sana nga matuloy-tuloy mo yan :)

Josh of Arabia said...

Being away for quite long-time now, i could easily relate with ur thoughts...and true, very true..and the scenario ive witness is even the mideast..its sad, but its normal to see both married peeps (back home) living together - as if its normal..or rather our culture's common norm..its the cure in homesicness they say, ...

however, there are those who chose to be spiritual, and/or involved themselves in xtra currics to make them more bz..this they kept their morals intact..

the testing is tough, but rewarding when passed..

gud to b back here bro :)ingat k dyan..

Lawstude said...

saludo ako sayo bro. ipagpatuloy mo yan. with God's guidance, i know you can sustain it.

r-yo said...

amen to that! pero totoo yang sinasabi mo. i have had so many friends who had affairs while abroad. naging kalakaran na.

Anonymous said...

second amen!

-Me says Mesa Boogie Music, ESP Man!”

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, walang pagbibiro

-Me says Mesa Boogie Music