Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Google Giveth, Google Taketh Away

This is the third time that Google took away my pagerank for this blog. From previous high of PR4 at the end of 2007, to nil in 2008's latest PR toolbar update. The update happened while we were all enjoying the holidays.

I was actually hoping for a restoration of my PR. I haven't done any paid post for the last six months, rejected some opportunities, and even included rel="nofollow" in most of my expired paid links.

But again, the big G changed its algorithms for the nth time. No need for me to ask for a reconsideration as everything must have been done within their rules. I have also accepted the fact that no PR is needed in this blog as I am not monetizing it with paid reviews. I was just fortunate to have experienced that PR4 and gained around $500 doing paid reviews for 4 months in the past.

Oh, well! It's life. With or without PR, the fun in blogging continues. And it reminds me not to reject paid posts opportunities the next time it comes.


Francesca said...

excatly. when there's money, why say no?
musta laz...

geemiz said...

yeah.. google now is always updating its algorythm. its because of those SEO COMPANY manipulating the page rank of a site.