Friday, January 16, 2009

Sports and Everything

This 3 year old blog of mine is filled with posts about sports. Yeah, 34 entries under Sports category. It is my habit to read first the sports section of the newspaper and check espn, philboxing, and yahoo sports every now and them. And when I find an interesting item, I blog about it.

And so I set up a sports blog wherein I could write anything and everything about the different sports I love and are familiar with. I had my own predictions of the Pacquiao vs Hatton boxing fight. If the bout will be held in UK, our own hero is in great danger.

As to tennis, my predictions for the Australian Open 2009 Men's Finals is a match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Of course, King Roger will have to win. (With apologies to Rafa fans).

As to my sports life, I guess living alone here in Manila will give me more time to blog and play real sports. I can play badminton every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. A work colleague set up the pingpong table at our company's warehouse. A basketball court is right there in front of our house in Sucat. But a busy work schedule and laziness are two things that would deter me from getting back into shape.


jho said...

natuloy ka na din sa Manila. good luck with sucat :)

i am not really a sports enthusiast. volleyball at bowling and sometimes swimming lang ang naiitindihan ko. :D

tin-tin said...

manila ka na? bket? hehehe

oo nga.. puro sports ang mga entries mo dati :)

Lawstude said...

i 2nd the motion. work sched and laziness nga ang kalaban natin bro.

Lazarus said...

@jho, natuloy din since november.

@tin, kasi naman love ko sports.

@lawstude, yeah bro! haay naku, puyat na sa work!

Anonymous said...

Sports is like music. Isnt it?

-Me says Mesa Boogie Music, ESP Man!”