Friday, March 24, 2006

Life is too short!

A friend of mine died last Tuesday. I almost cried while at the airport waiting for my flight to Manila. I didn't ask why coz I knew his time was already nearing. I just closed my eyes and thought of the good times we shared together. I knew that He is with God right now.

Flash back

We grew up together in the Church. I was almost two years older but 3 years ahead in school. When we were kids, we live completely different lives, and don't have anything in common. In our youth, he succeeded me as president of our youth group. There were times that we shared portions of ourselves with each other.

He told me of his crushes. I told him of only one. We joined youth camps together, and we mostly keep everything to ourselves. We agree most of the time, because as always, he is very agreeable. He even joined me in my trip to visit a girl out of town.

But, there was only one point in our lives, wherein there seems to be a little fall out between us. His long time crush, became my girlfriend, without him knowing it. Everybody knew he had a crush on her, but what they do not know is that he was also courting other girls.

Our church's circle of friends sided with him, except for the older ones. And he was also carried away. But we talked and already settled it. I told him everything and he asked for forgiveness for having a grudge on me.

Then the cancer came sometime in 1999. It started as a bleeding on his foot. Scary, they cut his left foot to prevent the cancer cells from affecting other paprts of his body. My gf (now my wife) took care of him in the hospital. We are very close friends, and there was not any thought of jealousy.

We helped him raise funds, and we thought it was the end of the cancer. But we were wrong, when last year, he was diagnosed with lung cancer at 3rd stage.

Life is short really. At 28, he could have lived long. Last Christmas, he even testified that God has many plans for him. And that he dreamt of marrying one day and of having a family. He even had more faith than us, at that point.


So long my friend! God has other plans for you!

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