Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monetization of Everything

Monetize here, monetize there. When did we first learn to make money? As children we ask them from our parents. Then some monetize household activities, like asking for money in exchange for washing of the dishes, or a mere shining of dad’s shoes. No, I didn’t do that. My monetization was based on the 100% grade I received at school -- P1 for every paper that has 100%.

In our teens, we get our allowance from our parents. Some gets P50 per day, others get more. Mine was a mere P20 then in the ‘90s. I have to sell used newspaper and bottles to get some extra money during summer.

At that time we got our first job, our glee reached high heavens when we received our first ever salary, even if it’s only a minimum wage. Then our needs grew, and so are our expenses. As we earned benefits, we want some to be monetized. Like our leaves credits. We want money more than a day of relaxation with family. Some benefits or even awards, trophies and recognitions, we want converted into cash. Can we cash-in the ‘most punctual’ award? At times, we might also prefer money for gifts this Christmas. You don’t have to think high and low of kris kringle gift ideas if your kris kringle wants cash.

And as to blogging, we too joined in the monetization bandwagon. We monetized our first personal blog. We added 10 more for the same purpose of making more money. Some sacrificed quality, content and even readership because of the lure of the green bucks. (Of course there are money bloggers of the rare kind)

At the high level of politics, we suspect some moves as an attempt to make more money. The longer they stay in power, the more they get from the people. Political relationships are also monetized, like what the Illinois Governor is charged of. (So it does not only happen in the Philippines).

After everything is said and done, we are now moving towards 2009. There will be even harder times in the future. What would be your New Year’s resolution? MONETIZE even more?


Anonymous said...

with the economic crisis we are dealing now, i'm sure monetize will always be in the mind of every people. hehe c",)

Lawstude said...

hmmm. problem mo ba money bai? bigay mo na lang sakin hehehe.

have a happy holidays my friend.

Lazarus said...

orville/lawstude, this post was inspired by Stanley Bing's post in his blog at