Saturday, October 17, 2009


Adsense is senseless, says a friend. She could not understand how people earn from it because she has the codes (and the ads) for many years now but she hasn't really earned beyond the $10 mark for her to qualify even for the pin code.

Adsense is useless if you only blog about yourself and your personal stuff, says another friend who had crossed over to the SEO side of blogging, and is now enjoying monthly pay-outs.

Adsense is the best make-money online scheme out there, says a young blogger who earns four-digits (on adsense alone) a month. He is not really telling the exact figures. He is discreet about it fearing some sabotage. (yes, there are blackmails and sabotage too)

Well, for me, I got my first pay out 13 months after I installed the codes. If I only relied on this blog, I would have agreed with my friend who ranted on the futility of adsense. I wouldn't even reach my first $10 by now, which is 22 months after I first displayed ads.

Of course, if you are interested to find out some local adsense success stories out there, you wouldn't run out of articles. Some are even earning while copy pasting articles, aggregating blog posts of others, and by even writing crazy stuffs loading them with keywords. Sounds easy, but it is not.


dodong flores said...

Hello, 'Gaw. I am earning with Google Adsense but not quite much. My first two Google Adsense check were stolen and the third payout I received through Western Union. I agree that if you only blog personal stuff, you wouldn't earn. I blog about myself and my travel but included a few keywords (names of places; e.g. Makati Parks and Garden) and that's how I earn.
I'm looking forward to be earning more but I don't know when...

Abaniko said...

I've long since abandoned the thought of ever earning from Adsense. I blog for the sheer pleasure of it. But congrats to you for the $$$ you've received. May you earn more $$$. :-)

Lazarus said...

gaw, it's good to know that you're earning din pala. cashing it at western union is easy and convenient.

abaniko, the earning is not that much. parang katuwaan na lang din.

iggy said...

nice ang challenge is to reduce the 22months into monthly...mausya jud kos uban kay after their 1st payout makaya na nila ireuce hangtud they are earning everymonth nagyud!

inkblots said...

I wanted for to make my blog earn some bucks, but I find it hard to install/ apply for adsense!

Thanks for the tip!