Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pacquiao vs Clottey Live Online

What's with the title? Yesterday I went to SM Southmall to inquire of the Pacquiao vs Clottey ticket price. It's P550 says the lady at the counter. I immediately made a u-turn without saying a word.

The last time I watched Pacquiao on the big screen was during that battle against De La Hoya. That was an ugly sight. Oscar was no longer the pretty boy after the brutal nine rounds. But I thought the P900 I shelled out was already a fair price. Eat-all-you-can and drink-all-you-can in a 5-star hotel. Plus you get to enjoy cheering with the crowd everytime a fist goes into the face of the Pretty Boy.

But P550 in a cinema with nothing more? What if Pacquiao knocks out Clottey in round 1? Or in round 2 like he did on poor Ricky Hatton? Do you think P550 is worth it? If there's food, I'd probably stay around and fill myself to content.

So today I just sat on the side of my bed and opened my laptop looking for Pacquiao vs Clottey online video streaming. I found some channels on justin TV. I hope this 512kbps promised by Lola Techie holds up.

The results of this much anticipated fight will be known before lunch today. I predicted a 6-round TKO win for Pacquiao. My officemate says it will go past the six rounds. He agrees with Freddie Roach. If Clottey remains standing after six rounds, I will have to treat that officemate to lunch - two viands, drinks and unlimited rice.

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