Saturday, September 25, 2010

So, You're A Blogger Too!

A few days ago, I had this conversation with a new colleague and she noticed the sticker on my laptop. "What is that sticker?" she asked. "It's very familiar to me."

I told her that it's a Wordpress sticker. "Wordpress is a blogging platform" I added. What was supposed to be a work-related conversation shifted to blogging. She has a blog too, using an alias she don't want me to know about.

"So, you must have started it 3 or 4 years ago?" I told her. "Every blogger then used an alias".

She smiled. "I have a few entries in that blog that a colleague once told me that I could publish them. But I don't want my real name attached to it, and publishers, she said, won't publish works of anonymous writers. And... it's just some personal essays."


I discreetly searched her name, (yahoo and google alike) like a detective. No relevant results. I don't really know why I did it. Maybe it's because I want to see the person behind their corporate persona. But then again, if she wants to keep it a secret, why my intrusion? No one would like their diaries read without the owners permission, isn't it?


bing said...

hello to you.. how are you?

some bloggers write anonymously for some reasons. i even blogged about it and had it as topic in a discussion forum. their reasons are valid and we have to respect that.

how does it feel to meet another blogger in person?

Nonoy said...

Yah there are bloggers who are very private and are afraid that people might judge them or know their personal musings and weaknesses. Others are even aloof about facebook. But I think there are only few of them who are very private and want to remain anonymous.

Great post. Cheers!

tin-tin said...

try searching using her email. hahaha