Saturday, January 29, 2011

Will The Real Big Bad Blogger Please Stand Up?

It was a Sunday when an article about blogging was published in my favorite daily. I really didn’t know about it until a Facebook link from a friend pointed me to another page and then to the article.

The article written by Margaux Salcedo, also a blogger herself, mentioned a restaurateur and her resto and how the villains - Bad PR firm (probably not big) and a Big Bad Blogger, applied extortion in presenting their services. The title, catchy to the bloggers’ eyes it seems – Please Don’t Give Blogging a Bad Name.

Some readers were quick to point a finger at a certain popular blogger. And some bloggers, were also ready to aim fire at whoever that shows up. Probably it is easier to shoot a blogger than the PR firm. But who is REALLY giving blogging a bad name?

If getting paid for a review already qualifies one to become a bad blogger, then I am a bad blogger too. And so are my friends, who despite having great blogs, kept other secret sites used to generate $$$. I used to have paid posts here when the price was still at $20-$50. Now when there were already lots of us bad bloggers, the price went down to a pittance wherein you can’t even buy a Starbucks coffee with it. It’s probably because we’re not big and we write for the fun of it. It’s not the review they wanted, but rather the link.

So, will the real big bad blogger please stand up? Oh there you are, eating in a resto, taking pictures of the food and the crews whom you asked to give their best smile. “Pay up or I’ll scr*w you with my review”. Unbeknownst to the big bad blogger, somebody might have already wished that he choke up or something while he chews his meal. That unless he writes a positive review.


freeze said...

read that article too. it's a shame, but i believe these things really do happen.

Nonoy said...

Dropping by here friend.

Yes i read that article. I am also guilty about this cuz I accept paid reviews when i was still in Cebu. but only those in the US like But i never do it here in the Philippines. I think I will no longer accept paid reviews in the US. I don't want to be a called a bad blogger. hehe.;-)