Friday, April 04, 2014

8th Year

I can't believe this now neglected blog is already eight years old.  How time flies so fast!  I remember those days when I just blogged about anything that comes to mind.  I made online friends. I earned from paid reviews.  I bought domains, paid for hosting, and blogged elsewhere to maximize online earnings.

After some days of $$$, the well eventually ran dry, and I tried to recover all those things that were lost.  But some other things took over.  I eventually stopped writing posts when I got hooked into some online game.

Yes, it was out of boredom that I played those strategy games.  Instead of working to earn some money from blogging, I spent my free hours playing.  The bad thing is that, I also spent some of my online earnings to pay for some in-game purchases.  The money part may not be that much, probably just under $100. But the value of my time wasted is pretty much at the high end.  I thought it was only temporary, but imagine it lasted more than 4 years. Wow! 

Now here comes 2014.  I have rekindled my love for badminton, but not for blogging.  This is my first post since June 2013.  I have discarded my other sites, planning to restart from scratch.   I bought a new domain but still can't think of what to do with it.  Will it be for adsense or just for the love of blogging?

I just cleaned out my sidebar including the blogroll.  I wanted to refresh everything.  If any of you chance upon this post, please do leave a message and a link to your site if you are a blogger.  Tell me how to blog again.

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