Monday, August 14, 2006

Badminton life

The "in" thing among yuppies right now is the sport badminton. Why and how come? Is it just a fad or some stress-buster? One can literally smash on his boss' face -- hmmmm..., if you can dare do it. But most just let their imagination run wild while playing.

If it's a fad, then it should have not lasted this long. 4 years and getting stronger. But I say that this is just a revival of the ancient sport, and it will continue for years to come.

I heard one person who apologized to us, his playmates, saying, "I'm bringing all my problems to the courts and smash them everytime I hit the shuttle. It's a feeling of relief for me, and I apologize to anyone from the group, who disliked the way I'm behaving". We just laughed at it. He's a good man and very competitive. His "magical" shots are most imitated.

Almost all my other playmates are the same, bringing all their stress, problems and hurts in the court, and smash them there. I know how it feels to be stressed out, but as I have contemplated many times, playing badminton is not the solution. It may help, but the relief is just temporary.

I oftentimes find solace when I sit in one corner watching my group play. I know that each and everyone is unique and have one way or another have personal issues. I just wondered why we managed to laugh and smile when deep inside, we're hurt. Family problems, break-ups, confused identity, family acceptance, lost business, are just some of the problems that I gathered when I happen to sit down and talk with them about life.

Life and relationships are as brittle as the shuttlecock. And one can wear a smiling face for a mask. But I just hope that, even with badminton, I can touch lives for the better.

No matter how good I play, I won't be remembered if I fail to touch lives.


ladybug said...

wow! what wonderful sentiments. good luck, not only in playing badminton, but also in your chosen calling. :-)

Lazarus said...

thanks for dropping by ladybug!