Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Of changing profession..

I have often wondered about changing profession. Actually, this was not my first choice when I took some aptitude test back in high school. I was determined to enroll in Agriculture without the backing of my parents. But in the end, I chose the convenient – BS Accountancy. And it made my parents smile a bit. At least, I won’t be leaving home for 4 years or so.

Four years in college is a breeze. In and out of the dean’s list, but in the end, there’s was no “laude” in my diploma. But I’m proud to say that I haven’t cheated in exams, nor got drunk, nor ran naked in a crowd, nor made any other serious violations.

So, I am a CPA alright. I passed the board on my first take, an envy of my other batch mates who made it a semester later. 3 days after my 20th birthday, I got accepted at the local PWC office. Whew! It completed what I thought was my career plan. So what was my career plan?

Pass the board, work in a big accounting firm, stay till I become a senior associate, transfer to another company in a managerial capacity, etc…

I am just right within target. But what now? I am 30, and in the eyes of those on top - in the pool of future leaders of the company. I’ve been in this managerial position for 5 years. I’ve seen changes, good and bad. I’ve seen bosses leave in disgrace after quite long years. So, what’s next?

My wife, who is a nurse, has a current application for an immigrant visa in the US. Perhaps it would be the best time to change profession. But the demand for accountants in the US is very high this time. My former boss in the accounting firm told me to apply in the US coz with my experience, I’d be in demand. I jokingly told him that I’d perhaps work as a driver or apply at PWC as a janitor or a courier.


tin-tin said...

if accountancy is an in-demand career in the US, then why don't you apply as an accountant there if you and your wife are gonna migrate there?

from agriculture to accountancy. layo ha ;p

Lazarus said...

@tin-tin - Sometimes, i just get bored with all the computations and financial analyses, etc...

Layo nga ng agriculture to accountancy. I can still imagine my life as an agricultural officer. he he

thanks for dropping by!

Swipe said...

Hi Lazarus, found your blog through Beng's blog. I've been an accountant for 6 years and I've also been feeling a need for a change in careers but I have no idea where to begin. Good luck on your next venture.