Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still Nothing For Chelsea

Forgive me if you don’t know what my title is all about. The Chelsea I am referring to is not a name of a girl or that of Miss Clinton. If you have read my sports archives, you will know what I mean.

11 pm last night I browsed the sports channel in my hotel room here in Taft, (Yep, I’m in Manila since yesterday), looking for the schedule of the Finals game between Manchester United and Chelsea FC, two leading football clubs in England. It’s an all-English finals for Europe’s elite club tournament, the Champions’ League. It’s really very ironic. Two English clubs, one is majority owned by an American, the other by a Russian. They battled in Moscow. Despite their clubs’ strength, England will not be seen in Euro 2008 next month. Their national team failed the cut. So sad!

I woke up 2am and turned on the TV. I was just in time to watch my Chelsea team tormented by Ronaldo’s header that found its way to the goal. Just before half time, Lampard found the net to level the score at 1-1. I turned the TV off at half-time and slept. But my mind wandered into a deep sleep that I missed the whole second half and the extensions after that. By the time I pushed the button, it was already towards the end of the 30-minute final extension, and the score still tied at 1-1. It went into a more exciting finale, a kick-out.

I thought it was the end of Man U when their superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, failed to convert. At four all, everyone’s eyes were on John Terry, the Chelsea and England Captain. If his shot will go in, Chelsea will be a first time Champ. I was so confident that he’d deliver, but his ball missed the entire goal. Abramovich, the team’s Russian owner, could have had a heart attack at the owners’ box. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. Two more United players found the net, but Chelsea’s rarely used Anelka, had his ball blocked by Man U’s supergoalie.

It’s the end of Chelsea. Four times of reaching the semis in the past, and now the finals, this one should have been tailored fit for them. Yet they failed. They have not won any trophy this season, they failed to defend their titles, they lost their fiery coach earlier in the season, and they could lose more fans.

I am just happy for Manchester United. They deserve to win both the English Premier League and the Champions’ League this season. Cristiano Ronaldo is awesome too. The young Portuguese is truly deserving of all the awards he won. Had they lost, his miss on the box would have been remembered forever. I can also cheer for the team, since they are one of my top 5 faves. Cheers to Manchester United! Still nothing for Chelsea!


Javi said...

Nyahahaha! This is so sad. Go ManU!

bambit said...

it's heartbreaking honestly, the game i mean.

naa diay ka diri manila karon bai?

Francesca said...

My husband Michel watched the whole game on tv.
It cost me sulking because he didnt want to go for any holiday, just because of that football game.

And I mention you pala in my blog as an accountant, i wish to hire....
Siya, visit na lang my blog.

Lawstude said...

its fascinating how the brits worship football like gods. i know someone who watched the game in full manchester uniform. dinaig pagkabaliw ng pinoy sa basketball.

anyways, nice post and have a nice week ahead. by the way, welcome back to manila.

Lazarus said...

javi, pwerteng pildiha.

bambit, murag weekly na ko diri.

madamme francesa, thanks for the mention! the europeans are really football fanatics.

lawstude, it seems like the philippines is the only country in asia who is not into football.