Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From The Archives

In the past, when I hop into a blogsite (a personal one) for the first time, I usually read the latest 2 or 3 posts and then crawl to the first post. I’d like to read how the blogger started out. I also like to dig into the archives if a title interests me. I don't hop and leave. I read and comment too. I don’t comment on long past post because the author might not be able to notice it. Comments are only reserved to the latest 5 posts. But it’s just me. My commenting practice may not be the same as yours.

And if you visit here, maybe you’d only read the latest post or whatever is shown on the first page. But if you’d like to read some of my past posts, I’d refer you to 15 out of my 280 posts. These are not really my best posts, but these got the most interactions from my readers.

1. Hit List – This is about an experience me and my wife encountered while getting our NBI clearance.
2. Oh When I Was In love With You – Young love that changed the behavior of a young man.
3. The Way We Blog – This is my second year anniversary post. It kind of reflects my own blogging experiences for the past two years
4. I am A Cebuano Blogger - The post declaring myself a cebuano blogger.
5. The Problogging Experience - 25 things I learned in blog monetization.
6. Nothing – Writers' block? I just wrote about nothing, when I had nothing to write
7. Where’s The Eject Button? - Sometimes, we want to get rid of people out from our lives. But later on, we realize that they play a very important role in shaping us.
8. Old friends – I was just reminiscing my childhood friends.
9. A year Ago - My first anniversary post, and the reasons why I blog.
10. Prom Night – My first time experience of JS Prom. I escaped from my partner. Crazy me!
11. Lovers And Friends – This is just some love stories.
12. Stained Gift - I sincerely thanked the friend who gave me a gift not knowing that it has stains on it.
13. Termites and Troubles - Termites ate away 6 steps of our stairs.
14. The Library: A Love Story – It's my own dad's love story and how he met my mom.
15. Bold As A Bear - It’s about my classmate who was kicked out in high school, but fared excellently after that experience.


Abaniko said...

I used to dig into the archives of some bloggers until I got a little busy. But it's nice to know an interesting blogger by reading his/her old posts. Thanks for sharing these links.

Panaderos said...

I do the same with the blogs I linked to, including yours. :D

I would go through the archives and sample posts that catch my attention. The archives are like a family album in a way. They are made up of snapshots of a person's life at a certain point in time.

Lazarus said...

abaniko, i read plenty of entries from your archives years ago, since your blog is one of the firsts in my blogroll, and you're into blogging ahead of me.

panaderos, it's difficult to read the archives of those who are blogging for years. there was even one time when i read around 100+ posts from fence

Anonymous said...

I think I have read some of the pieces listed here. And thanks for the links ... I will surely read some one of these days .. especially the monetization lessons and the lovestories, of course.


Francesca said...

these posts worth teledrama, tele novela.
Ano kaya, GMA or ABS?
Hi laz, we are the same.

Limited comments to old posts.

I appreciate you as a cebuano and as an accountant.
You helped me without you knowing it, haha.
Utang muna ha?

balot said...

hi! your Hit List post really got my attention. while i've never been on the nbi hitlist before, my dad wasn't as lucky. he's been on a worse hitlist--the NPA hitlist, which explained why neighbors would see strange, gun-toting men lurking outside our house at nights (my dad had been away on some business then).

thankfully though, with the help of some people, his name was cleared. why my dad was targeted? he had the same name with the #2 on the hitlist at that time (80s). terrifying.