Monday, October 13, 2008

I Got A New Pair Of Badminton Shoes

I don't keep plenty pairs of shoes. I usually only have one good pair for work, and another pair for recreation. I don't usually buy a replacement unless the other is totally worn-out.

My SOTX badminton shoes which I bought sometime in early 2006 is in such a bad shape since late last year. I talked of buying a new pair but I kept on procrastinating. My playing days have reduced from twice a week to once every two weeks this year, so I thought putting off the purchase for a while is justifiable.

SOTX Badminton Shoes
But my shoes had it's way of telling me of letting it retire. The leather and the rubber opened up making it difficult for me to move. So, I finally decided to buy a new pair. But what brand, what type?

For those of you who knows nothing about badminton shoes, these type of shoes are common these days. They are basically gum-soled (yellowish color), non-marking, and great for indoor sports. Most badminton courts require that you wear badminton shoes when you play on their courts. This is to protect the specialized mats and of course, to protect the players. You can easily slip in the taraflex mats if you don't use gum-soled shoes. These soles are great for those quick steps, stops and turns while playing.

But it took me probably a hundred visits to the various shoe stores in Cebu before I actually bought one: A Mizuno. I hope this pair of new shoes help me get back to playing badminton again. I miss playing in the tournaments.

Mizuno Badminton Shoes


Abaniko said...

Cool Mizuno. This pair will surely help you glide better in the courts. Enjoy!

Lazarus said...

glide and fly... haha. i wish i could play more often these days. sayang naman ang bagong sapatos.

David Edward said...

kuya! turuan mo ko.. hahaha.. wala akong footsteps eh.. :D