Saturday, June 27, 2009

Still No PageRank

Of course, what do I expect? Google had changed its algorithms many times. And I can see that this site no longer enjoyed the traffic and readership it once had. Moreso, I also have few updates here. For this month alone, I only have one update.

Last month, I was surprised I had an opp with PPP. That was pretty tempting task, few words requirement, and the dollars enough to pay for 2 domain names. So I took it. You obviously know what the task is as it is in one of my latest posts.

Pageranks had updated many times already, leaving this blog with fat zero. But I had long ago accepted it. How many times had I posted about it? I'm getting annoying, am I? Haha. But if you know my other blogs, go check it out and read my updates there! I had already stripped my anonymous masks little by little. And besides, I have PR2 in both of my domain blogs. :)