Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barcelona Wins UEFA Champions League 2009

Barcelona wins over Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League 2009. The newly-crowned Spanish Champions have shown their class and masterful football by foiling all attempts of FIFA World Player of the Year, Ronaldo, and breaking the Red Devils' defense in their brutal yet fluid attack. Eto'o provided the first goal at the 9th minute. Later in the game, Messi headed the ball beating Van der Sar.

My predictions of the Barcelona vs Manchester United game went to naught. The 2-0 score at the end of regulation was too much for the English Champions. I was really hoping for a comeback, but the I knew the game ended with the first shot that hit the back of the net. Ronaldo and Rooney wasted too many opportunities. Too bad.

I am in a hotel room watching the UEFA Champions League finals. I didn't rent a room. I had no budget for that. I just hitched room from an officemate who came from head office and was billeted in a hotel nearby. I'm so disappointed that the game wasn't even close.

Congratulations to Barca for winning in 2006 and now in 2009! It was really beautiful football!