Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shortage of Accountancy Graduates

Is there a shortage of BS Accountancy graduates? It’s been a few years now that we’ve been having difficulty in hiring accounting graduates. Is it just us? An ex-colleague of mine also complained about the same. She finds it hard to hire a bookkeeper. When you go to job websites, there are also plenty of job openings for accounting graduates.

The CPA board exam has started last Sunday. By Tuesday or Wednesday next week, we will already know the May 2009 CPA board exam results and list of passers. A few thousand more will join the rank of the CPAs. I am sure that they will not be left jobless for more than a month. That unless if they decide to rest for a while, or take up law right after passing the board.

Maybe this could also be attributed to the raised standards. You see, some schools impose departmental exams for every level. Aside from that, they require grades of not less than 2.0 in a major subject. The PRC stops the offering of certain schools for BS Accountancy courses if they fail to produce a CPA after a few years of existence.

And perhaps it can also because of the draw of the Nursing field. Every highschooler dreamed of Nursing and all the dollars it can bring. But the reality is, Filipino CPAs abroad have higher pay than Nurses.


jho said...

mahirap nga maghanap ng BSA graguates. Kahit sa office namin hirap e. Saan nga ba nagpupunta yan mga graduates na iyan.

Major Tom said...

This is so true because believe me, the CPA board is the hardest board exam of all. I took it eh, hehe. But didn't make it. :-)

Lawstude said...

accounting really is a good pre-law and most of cpa-lawyers chose to practice the latter.

but when you said that filipno cpas earn higher than nirses abroad, that kept me thinking, should i go back to accounting and work abroad instead?

Lazarus said...

jho, the BPOs got to them first and offered them higher pay.

major tom, i got reviewmates from ADZ during my time in USC. maybe they were your classmates.

lawstude, accounting grads have advantage when they take up law and even if they take MBAs. abroad, accounting clerks have lesser pay compared to nurses. our CPA license here is not accredited in most US states. but a work experience at one of the big four is a major advantage.