Sunday, May 24, 2009

And So They Banned Blogspot Too!

First it was Friendster. With the Social Network’s popularity, IT administrators thought that they should ban it because those with internet access might just abuse the system and consume internet bandwidth by logging on to the site every minute, browsing the profile of others and/or uploading pictures.

Those with Multiply account initially got away. But then, it did not take long for the site to be blacklisted. Then people went crazy with Facebook (FB). I just don’t understand the difference between Facebook, Friendster and Multiply. Their functionalities look the same to me. Anyway, people joined the FB bandwagon.

Two weeks ago, when I happened to be back at our head office, I noticed some people were opening their Facebook accounts. I recently opened my own FB account but limited my network to only a few of colleagues. Most of them in my friends’ list are my relatives, ex-colleagues and offline friends. Maybe two or three officemates I can tolerate. I checked a profile of an ex-colleague and from there I gathered a long list of current officemates who have FB accounts. Wow! I hope they won’t see my profile. But as of this writing, I already got three invites.

I really didn’t mind FB getting banned. But along with FB, they also banned Blogspot, Flickr and Twitter. My twitter addiction was curbed before it even started. And my race to a million followers will no longer be launched. As to Flickr, I only open the site when I remember it. But most of the time, I don’t remember it. My sites on blogspot, including this one, have very rare updates so the ban is still fine with me. Blogs at are safe. That, I don’t know why.

Who knows maybe next time, they’d ban any domain with the word “blog” in it.