Saturday, May 23, 2009

On The Lookout For Another Web Host

This site of mine is using blogspot. I can’t just leave behind something which has over 200 posts and somewhat becomes a part of me over a period of three years. But I have other sites which are self-hosted. I made a decision a year ago to buy my own domain and find a web hosting. It was because of the perception that you’ll have more earning opportunities if you have your own domain. I thought it was just a rumor but I found out that it’s true.

And so I hopped into a host recommended by a friend because it’s cheap. Although I read the reviews from, I took a risk. The downside of not following reviews, I experienced plenty of downtimes and lost opportunities. Imagine three weeks of site inaccessibility!

Oh, well! Patience is one of my virtues, though I am just ranting in silence. I am now on a lookout for a second web host, once that is unmetered, has excellent reviews, and can host multiple domains. I am also looking at the best budget hosting there is, the best value at the best price.

For the meantime, I am looking for a shared hosting until I get plenty of traffic. A dedicated server hosting are for sites which generates plenty of traffic daily. A few bloggers I know are on dedicated server hosting because of their enormous traffic. Downtimes are almost nil. Traffic equals money, if you know the tricks of doing it. I might reach that one day. But for now, I have to make the first steps.

And you too should read reviews before jumping into your first or second paid webhost. Check out for very excellent reviews of various web hosts.