Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Barcelona vs Chelsea

No, I'm not talking about Barcelona brandy. I'm blogging again about a football (soccer) match. Tonight will be the first leg of the 2009 Champion's League semifinal match between Barcelona and Chelsea. So, who do you think will win? If Barca were playing any team other than Chelsea, I would have rooted for them. I love their very fluid attacking play. With Henry, Eto and Messi in the attack, who could repulse them?

Chelsea, on the other hand, is my team thru thick and thin. I thought I'd dump them after Jose Mourinho left them a couple of years ago. But I remained a fan of the team. I can still be a fan of Mourinho too, while he struts his wares in Italy.

In this semis match, I think most favor the Spanish giant to win the finals. But I think otherwise. With Drogba, Lampard and Terry in the leadership roles, the Blues will win it this time in the Barcelona vs Chelsea 2009 Champions League semifinals.

Too bad I have no cable TV. And I would have been willing to forego sleep just to watch this soccer game.


Lawstude said...

Too bad I do not know anything about the sport. Hehehe.

Lazarus said...

bro, the game is not really popular among filipinos. but there are plenty of fil-foreigners who are good at this sport.