Monday, April 06, 2009

The Boxing Fan

So when did I become a boxing fan? I can’t recall really. I did not become a fan because of Manny Pacquiao or Gerry Penalosa or Nonito Donaire. Don’t mention Flash Elorde as I wasn’t born yet during his prime. We’ll maybe I followed the fights of Dodie Boy then and that of Luisito Espinosa.

Probably because of my uncle who was into martial arts and he watch boxing everytime it was shown on TV. Or was it because when I was still 9, my neighbors got boxing gloves and we were paired to fight off each other in a totally sporty fashion? Brutal grown-ups! I remembered a classmate who threw fists like he was into free-style swimming. There was one who fights like a shrimp, back-pedaling after throwing a punch.

Nah, I wasn’t really into a lot of fights. Only one that I can recall. A classmate threw a challenge and I was even smiling during the bout. He was serious in covering his face and since I was taller he can’t hit my face well. A lucky punch was all it took for his gums to bleed. No, not a tooth flew. It was just a bleeding gum and a red face. I must have hit him badly that his eyes turned red. Whatever that was, I quit, apologized and shook hands with him. I can’t punish anyone even if it’s just for sports.

Ok, that was my boxing story, twenty plus years ago. Don’t ever think I can still box now. Perhaps, only in Wii.

So I decided that I’ll just become a fan of boxing. I’ll root for every Filipino who comes on stage to fight a foreigner. I root for anyone who goes up against De La Hoya. I still think he’s overrated. And Pacquiao confirmed that. I was for Holyfield when he fought against Lewis.

Even in this era of online media and blogging, I can’t help writing about boxing. So friends, if you are reading this, you might want to read also my take on the following fights:

Donaire vs Martinez – April 19, Araneta Coliseum
Pacquiao vs Hatton – May 2, MGM Las Vegas
Peñalosa vs Lopez – April 25, Puerto Rico

For the first two, I think the Pinoy boxers can easily beat their foe. But for Gerry, he faces a very tough young warrior in Juanma Lopez. Still, I’ll root for our kababayans.


Lawstude said...

Just wanna share this fave verse of mine kasi Holy Week na:

"For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory." Romans 11:36

May you have a meaningful lenten season Lazarus.

tin-tin said...

ayoko ng boxing

bing said...

i love boxing. and i even love UFC fights. he he and yes, i am a fan!

good for you to decide to just become a fan. come to think of it, would you go for it if given the chance?

deo said...

hahaha... what a story... me I become boxing fan when I watched Knock Out in GMA7.... please visit my blog also Deo's Web Blog

Lazarus said...

tin-tin, too brutal ba?

bing, i won't finght manny even for a million. make that two. hehe.

deo, thanks for the visit! welcome to the blogosphere!