Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 Years

This blog is now 3 years old. Would you believe that? I can't. I posted my first entry on March 19, 2006. That means that I missed my blog bday by 5 days! No cakes, no fireworkds, and no drinking spree my friends.

By some standards, three years of blogging is like a fifteen years in the trade. There were not too many bloggers then. I am not necessarily one of the pioneers. There were guys like Abaniko and Rudy who were there first in the online blogging world. I don't know what happened to both. Abaniko's last post is dated December 2008. Rudy's domain expired three weeks ago.

Blogging events are rare then and mostly attended by small groups. Most of the blogs I read are from anonymous bloggers, or those with online aliases. Only a few were monetizing their sites, and what we read were mostly personal experiences, and thoughts on certain events or happenings.

3 years is long enough for this blogspot site. I have my own domains now. You can find me there.


Lawstude said...

Congratulations. Halos sabay pala tayo nag-blog. Where is the new domain?

Panaderos said...

Congratulations on your blog's 3rd Anniversary.

As for Rudy's blog, he decided not to renew his domain name. He reverted to a free blogging platform and you can now find him at http://snglguy.wordpress.com.

Take care, Pards. I wish you all the best.

dodong flores said...

Congratulations, Gaw. I don't celebrate blog anniversaries since I didn't remember when was the first time I opened up a blog. My blog used to be moving from one free hosting to another and was only fixated to a paid hosting service after I got my new domain too.
Have a pleasant day...