Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Watch Spain vs Portugal Live Stream Online for Free

I love to watch live online Spain vs Portugal tonight. The two will be battling for a place in the quarterfinals. It is a must see game for all football fans in the world. Big names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, Fernando Torres, David Villa and Iker Cassilas will be playing.

The game will start at 230pm ET (12am HK time). I am sure a lot will be searching for a free live stream online of the Spain vs Portugal match for the 2010 world cup.

For those with cable TV in the Philippines, Sky Cable has its Balls Channel airing the games live. For those wanting to watch it live online, ESPN3 offers free live stream for US residents.

For those who are unwilling to pay, hostream.net offers various channels. But most of time, the quality is so bad that you would just want to go the neighbors house and sneak in to their living room just to watch TV.

What to Expect?

History has not sided with both countries. Despite their greatness in Europe, not one of the two had made it to the Finals. Portugal placed third in 1966 and 4th in 2006, but Spain is unluckier as it had not reached the semis. The latter is even considered a football superpower, and ranked second to Brazil.

So today they'll make history. Head-to-head, Spain is ahead, even in the rankings. But player-wise, Cristiano Ronaldo is much a better footballer than any of the Spanish squad. Spain has Fernando Torres, David Villa, Cesc Fabregas, and Andres Iniesta. Explosive strikers they are. But in this tournament, only Villa made a significant contribution. Spain's fans should hope for better things to come around tonight. They need to claim their place in world cup history - not as an underachiever, but a true football superpower. Just as the papers said about them.

Spain or Portugal?

If you haven't had an opportunity to watch any of the two teams play, you ahould watch tonight. Spain vs Portugal, neighbors at war in South Africa. As for me, I am rooting for Portugal to win 1-0 vs Spain. Sorry La Liga fans! Anyway,you have Ronaldo in Madrid.

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