Friday, July 09, 2010

Thoughts On Spain Winning The World Cup

It will be Spain's first. First at the Finals, first trophy if they win, and first team to win the cup despite losing its opening match. Would you believe that they had not entered the semifinals in any of the World Cup they joined? Considering that they have Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of the world's top clubs, Spain should be on top of the football world, right?

Now Spain is on top of the world, literally. Spain is seeded second to Brazil. Now that the five-time winner is out, Spain is the toughest bunch into the Finals. They will face Robben-led Netherlands, the team that disposed of Brazil in the quarterfinals.

Spain's Chances

Spain is the heavy favorite to win the 2010 World Cup, especially now that they easily disposed of the quick-footed German team in the semis. The current team is fast, and jelled well in the rotation. 7 of the players are from Barcelona and 3 from Real Madrid. The Barcelona-type of play of quick touches and slick passing is very evident in their every match. This is the type of football everyone loves.

David Villa is the main man for Spain. He scored 5 goals in six games and is every inch a remarkable striker. Villa is ably assisted by Andres Iniesta, whom Rooney says, is the best player in the world. Iniesta has always been the threat up front, and he can absolutely fire a goal anytime. Fernando Torres, another world-class player, is coming off from injury. He had not shown much though, but given the right moment, he can fire plenty of shots.

Come Sunday (Monday dawn Philippine time), Spain will face the Netherlands, another team hungry for the title. I don't know what Paul, the octopus seance, will say about Spain's chances. This 2010 could be La Furia Roca's time.

But sorry, I'll be rooting for the team in Orange.

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