Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stupid, Stupid

Stupid of me not to make updates for this site for many many weeks. A lot of things has changed - even the looks of this site. Blogger has really made improvements to make them more relevant and attractive to bloggers and readers alike. Don't you like my new mask?

So what's with the title? Nothing really. It's just a remark I overheard from someone. "Stupid, stupid! That guy is really stupid!" If it was just in a movie, I'd like to join him. But it was not. It was directed at a colleague who was just doing what was vaguely instructed to him by a boss.

We do stupid things sometimes. Or maybe we watched too many movies where cursing is as common as a period in a sentence. A joke may be tolerable. But in all seriousness, and you call someone stupid, damn or fool, you're actually inviting hailstorms from heaven to fall on you.

If you call me stupid, I'll hate you forever. Stupid and hate aren't really in my dictionary. Peace, brother!

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