Friday, May 11, 2012

To Comment or Not To Comment

I made a quick round to the blogs of people I used to interact with in the past. I was tempted to comment but I paused a bit. Do they still remember me?

What if they ask me where I've been for the past 4 or five years when I stopped dropping by their blogs? What if they call me by the pseudo-name I use here when in fact I already outed myself in the blog events that I joined? Yep, I've meet some bloggers in real life settings. I have also joined a Facebook group of bloggers as me. Anonymity in social media had already lost its flavor. That is already the case this four or five years.

I am just keeping this blog for sentimental and selfish reasons. And when I leave a comment to other blogs, I now have second thoughts on what name to use and what url to fill in the comment section. Ah!

At another instance, I followed a tweet by a friend which contained a link to a blogpost on his personal blog. I really wanted to comment on this one but I was thinking, "Will my comment do him any good? Or is he just having one of those emo moments?"

I wanted to tell him, "Grow up and act like your mid 40's age. The world does not revolve around you anymore". But again, I was thinking that bloggers have all the right to say things on their blogs as long as it does not hurt others. It's just one of his emo moments. I'm sure he has already recovered by now.

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