Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remembering Grandma on Mothers' Day

I always remember my maternal grandmother every Mothers' Day.  That is because it's very near her birthday.  And when I saw my aunt post in Facebook a picture of grandma, I felt nostalgic.  Today, May 13 is my grandma's birthday.

Though she died sixteen years ago, I really miss her.

I lived with my grandparents in Mindanao when I was six years old.  Being their first grandchild, and being with them most of the time, people thought I was the favorite.  Nope, it's not what they think.  I had my own share of spanking too. She was strict but loving.  She never fails to pack my baon before going to school.  And when I come home rugged and dirty, it's either her long stick or grandpa's belt that will do the talking.  No excuses as the evidence is in my pants. (They make me wear long pants so when I play, crawl and tumble with friends, dirt would stick to my pants).

This is what my aunt wrote on Facebook a few hours ago in reply to my sister's comment on her profile pic.

"day .., ako jud ni gituyo nga i profile kay kung gimingaw mo ni lola, mas na jud ko, mama is my best friend, best mother sa buong mundo, wala ng iba.. very supportive mother, kaya mintras buhi pa ang inyong mama, pahimusli jud ang walang pag-alinlangan na pagmamahal. missed my mama so much, it's her birthday tomorrow..."

I certainly agree with my auntie.  While our mothers are still alive, seize every opportunity to show them love and affection. We only have one mother in this world. 

I know a lot were already thinking of cool mothers' day gift ideas, as we just noticed in the various malls in the city the other day.  But you know what,  they don't really care about the gifts, but they appreciate much the time we spend with them.

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