Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Not Much

My blogger stats says that I have a PageRank of 2 and 40,547pageviews.  Since March 2006, I have posted 381 entries.  The peak of my blogging was in 2006-2008 wherein I wrote around 320 blog posts.  Oh well, that's 84% of my total!  It was downhill after that.  This year, I have written only 5 posts. 

In 2008, I moved on to another site with a dotcom of my own. I did not migrate my posts but started anew.  New friends and blog acquaintances came around.  Blogging anonymity is no longer the "in" thing unlike in the past.  So, I simply sidelined this leftover blog and embraced the light.

But after a year or two of enjoying the economic and social fruits of blogging, the passion faded the second time around. And my new blogs were again at some point of neglect.  I became too lazy to write and was contented with the short lines Twitter offered.  The blog posts became tweets of 150 characters.  So easy and without hassles!

Honestly, there is so much to write these days if only I had the passion to write as I used to.  But everytime I write a paragraph or two, I simply pause and delete everything.

Where will I find the inspiration to write again?   Tell me, please.


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