Thursday, February 26, 2015

That Thing Called Tadhana

I must have been annoyed. Or was it the curiosity that led me to watch the movie "That Thing Called Tadhana"?  I saw some people posting something about the movie but I never consulted Google nor read further about it, before I got hold of one copy from the pirates.

Angelica should be angry at me. But I did sleep well after watching it last night with wifey.  My dear sat silently at one corner and I saw her giggle a bit at some scenes. There was a smile somewhere that only I can understand.

So what was the movie all about? It all started at the airport. The girl, Mace (played by Angelica Panganiban), was bringing lots of stuff and packing them in a large baggage. She must have not known about baggage allowance, or is not really a frequent traveller. Anthony (JM De Guzman), acting like a knight in shining armor, helped the damsel in distress of her excess baggage. Problem solved. Not really. Not yet.    

You have to listen intently to their conversation.  Crazy cliches! But it will make you think. Mace is too emotional, while Anthony seems not affected at all. He throws bits of sarcasm every now and then.  Mace catches those words like it was all meant for her. "Don't judge me", she says.  But I was annoyed at those 'put*ng*na' frequently uttered by her.  It somehow diminished her character a bit.

Familiar story? Probably in real life, if either one was not good looking, there will be no story at all.  Anthony admitted the reason why he approached Mace.  He finds her attractive, and a little bit scandalous.  For her, maybe he was the only suitable companion around for the time being.

She tells him her story even though she wasn't sure if he was interested at all.  Fresh from a failed relationship, she was vulnerable. Imagine she went to Baguio with a man she barely knows. Anthony also acted like he was about to take advantage of it but restrained himself. The Sagada thing could have been his opportunity.  But it shows that he was a different kind of animal - a gentleman that is.

He too was a kind of a hopeless romantic throwing a few lines that will make a girl think if he was wooing her or just helping ease her pain.  Mace was too focused on her past and on her hurts.  Maybe it did help.

But the ending.

There could be another story we don't know about Marco.  Or maybe it was there in the words of Anthony when he opened up about his past relationship and why he found it easy to move on.  Marco showed up at the ending bringing flowers that made Mace speechless.  Was it love resurrected at an instance? There was a little bit inconsistency here. If she was what she was as portrayed at the start of the movie, she wouldn't be speechless. Maybe there could be another scandalous scene of shouting and crying. Or maybe a hugging scene.

The last last part, which some could mistake as not part of the movie, shows Anthony driving with a book on hand written by Mace and illustrated by him.  Did they live happily ever after?

Wifey left after the credits rolled. I knew she wished for a different ending.

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