Monday, May 04, 2015

Five Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. Beat Manny Pacquiao

I watched the fight on pay per view paid  by my boss.  Seated on a corner in a room full of people who were more or less twice my age and were more noisier that I am, I was silently hoping for a knockout to blow the spectators away.  What would you expect from a fight called the "Fight of the Century"? I want blood.

But after twelve rounds, I wanted more.  Can they not add a few more rounds to determine the rightful winner?  After the announcement, my heart goes out the loser. I couldn't help by write here the five reasons why Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Manny Pacquiao.

1.  It was Mayweather promoting the fight

Pacquiao was already a step behind.  He was underdog and all odds, whether it was betting or the media, were against him.  Mayweather controlled everything right from the start. All Pacquiao did was nod and agree.  Same with Arum and all the boys surrounding Manny.

2.  Mayweather is the face of American boxing

Mayweather's loss is America's loss. And it is in America where boxing is huge.  UFC is a threat alright.  But as long as Mayweather is there and unbeaten, there will be a massive business in boxing. Pacquiao is the face of Asia, but business-wise, it's just a fraction of what Las Vegas and Mayweather can produce.

3.  All bets were on Mayweather

"My heart is with Pacquiao but my money is on Mayweather" said my boss.  His sentiment is similar to some people I know, like my landlord who was a world title contender during the pre-Pacquiao era. "Mayweather is smarter" he says. What was the odds?  I heard that a P1k bet on Mayweather will only win P400. I may not have heard it correctly, but just the same, the bet was on Mayweather to win.

4. Mayweather was too scared

He's scared to lose a fight.  That is why he handpicked his opponents and controls every aspects from promotion to the actual fight itself, and event the post-fight events. He's too scared that he feints and dances  his way out of trouble when Pacquiao cornered him in the ropes.  He know full well his reach advantage. A few punches thrown wins him the round.  Maybe even his shoulder roll or his frequent hugging were counted as punches.

5.  Pacquiao did not do much damage

We want blood and a ugly-faced Mayweather after 12 rounds.  But there was none.  Pacquiao thought he won, but that's what many others thought too. If only he bloodied him like De La Hoya, or knocked him down like Hatton, then there would be no question as to who won the fight.


ASKSonnie said...

Pare, good to know you're still blogging. I'm checking on the links on my old posts to see whois still alive (in blogging).

Nice insights here!

Lazarus said...

I'm still here Sonnie. But not as active as before. I post once in a while, or whenever I felt like writing.