Thursday, June 16, 2016

When A Blog is No Longer Interesting

It’s been more than 10 years since I started blogging. If you look at my archives, my number of posts is dwindling over the last 3-4 years. This is my eighth posts since January 2013.  It looks like posting an entry is a semi-annual thing for me.  But hey, where did I lose the love? 

Bloggers’ Interaction

Since I also deleted my blogroll, I lost touch of all my blogging friends.  If I’ll look for them, I’ll just go to the comments section of my posts in 2007 or prior.  I know some had evolved into some kind of blogging superstar. Others just went back to hibernation and deleted their online persona.  Perhaps because of Facebook and Twitter, blogs are no longer interesting. Anonymity in blogging has died long ago.  Most of the interactions are already in Facebook and no longer at the comment section of a blog.  If you don’t have an FB account with a real name, people just ignore you and count you as a troll.  Me, a troll?  Maybe by now you know that my real name is not exactly what this blog tell you. Please don’t count it against me.

When I happen to interact face to face with another blogger, (I’m not really that cloaked in anonymity) I’d normally tell them that I deleted all my blogs.  I let the domain expire and did not renew the hosting plan.  That is true.  They know the feeling because they too, at the height of blogging, had three or four blogs only to keep one or none at all to last up to this day.

Tip: Get interested in others first before you lead them to your site

Thanks to a few of my posts, I still have traffic of about one unique visitor per day. Very lame! But are these the visits that I want? At some point, I want those visits converted into cash.  But the unfortunate thing is, the blogs that brought me more dollars are the ones I deleted.  Ok, so do I want a post to go viral just to get more traffic?  I have a real FB account somewhere and over 1000 friends. What should I do? As if I don’t know.  Haha.  Traffic is overrated.  And it can obviously backfire if not properly handled.  Write against a popular figure or a popular opinion, submit it to some viral sites and you’ll see yourself obliterated and your blog crushed to the ground.

Tip: Know the traffic that you want and work hard to get them.
Boring Posts

Who would read a boring post? A real fan may, but not a new visitor.  Even your friends will not read them, because they already know you apart from your site. Your ramblings are nothing, unless you make them interesting.
At one point, I find some of the blogs I follow as boring.  There was no longer a personal touch from the blogger as they became mostly shallow reviews of something.  There are those who tried to be discreet, making up stories until a paragraph or two about the review.  Funny indeed!  I tried to do the same but failed.

There are plenty of tips out there how to make your posts interesting.  Post a picture or even a video.  Make funny faces, or crack jokes good enough to throw me off from my seat. Narrate a story and stuff it with some figures of speech.  Check your spelling and grammar.  Bad writing turns off the readers.  There are bloggers out there who shun the grammar police but are not really doing enough to improve their writing. Do not dumb down your readers, but do attempt too much just to impress us with useless gobbledygook.

TipWrite simply but put a little twist
Write for the Love of It

Honestly, I lost the love somewhere a few years ago. I was maintaining lots of sites plus Twitter and Facebook.  A topic keeps running in my head by I struggled to write. I can no longer type and put hours into it.  I redirected my energies towards things other than blogging.
But now, maybe I should give myself another chance.  Let’s see if I gain a new following and reclaim the love for writing.  This is just my second post this week and second for the year too.  Expect 50 more after this.

Tip: Write for the love of it.

What do you think?

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