Friday, April 27, 2007


When I was still a student, I always think of Fridays as the end of a busy week. Thank God it’s Friday! But when I was already working, I envy those who work in the banks and in other companies because of their 5-day work week. Those in the Manila don’t have work on Saturdays. They can fully enjoy their weekends. They can leave Friday nights, and comeback early Monday morning.

Some would even enjoy Friday nights out. Not for me here. I still have to report for half-day work tomorrow. And that half day often means I’ll be in the office till 3pm. Most companies here have a 6-day work week. Why can’t congress legislate a 5-day work week nationwide? There is no end for office works. And the output would still be the same. We can even save on overheads. We also need some breaks to avoid burn-out.

What will I do on Saturdays, if ever we have no work?
1. Read books.
2. Help my wife in the household chores.
3. Go to the beach!
4. Play badminton
5. Visit families.
6. Vacation
plus a lot more…

There are plenty of others things I would like to do. I might utilize my VL credits next weekend. Ah Friday!


tin said...

wala kang summer vocation kuya? hmm.. linulubos ko na rin ang mga Fridays and Saturdays dahil sa pasukan, may pasok rin kami ng Saturdays. No more TGIF. hehe.

iskoo said...

naiintindihan kita, nasubukan ko na mag work ng shifting at normal ofc hrs na hanggang friday lang. mahirap nga talaga na sunday lang ang off mo. buti nalang may mga VL credits ka na pwedeng gamitin para magkaroon ka ng Q-time for your family at sa iba po pang gustong gawin.

jho said...

May mga companies din sa Manila na may pasok pag saturday. My previous employer 8-5 pa ang pasok pag sat. Pero ngayon sa present employer ko, skeletal workforce lang pag saturday at halfday pa...

HIndi ba kayo pwedeng magrequest na tanggalin na lang yung saturday? Extend and working hours ng MOn-Fri para compensated na for Saturday half-day.

Lazarus said...

tin, baka sa next month ako magbakasyon.

iskoo, sana 5-day workweek lang. i'd usually stay up to 7pm or even beyond that. i am used to late night works.

jho, sana wala na ring halfday saturday. Most companies here kasi have saturday works.

sexy mom said...

friday has always been one of my favorite days.

i remember a former officemate, a german. each monday he would say "thank God it's monday, 4 days to go, and it will be friday"!

alvin said...

I say go to the beach! I feel so complete when I'm wearing my wave shorts laying out reading a good book or a magazine at the beach!

Enjoy life man! :-)