Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We're having a hard time hiring personnel for our Manila office. Most of the key personnel were hired in Cebu and eventually relocated to Manila. Some agreed, some didn't. For those who've spent most of their lives in Cebu would agree: Cebu is such a wonderful place to live in.

But what if I'd be relocated?

There was once a time, in my previous employer, when I was almost relocated. They said that it was necessary for promotion. A return was not guaranteed, though. But they said that it would be a rich experience.

There was a sudden rush of plans played in my head. Plan A would be to proceed until promoted. Plan B was to proceed, and then jump train at the right opportunity. Plan C was to remain stubborn. And plan D was to quit, which was my initial plan though.

I opted for plan D. Though relocation was not the main issue. Perhaps it was something of a quarter-life crisis.

Just a couple of hours ago, a co-manager and I joked about relocation. "Would you agree if our boss tell us to relocate to Manila? Would you and your wife agree?"

"Probably not" was his reply.

"Me, I'd rather work abroad than agree on a relocation anywhere in the Philippines."

But I was able to convince a few young bunch here to relocate to Manila. It's easier said than done.


Paris said...

I will agree to be relocated but only for a short period of time. Like a month, haha!

It would be hard to be away from those you love and are used to.

vernaloo said...

When I was looking for a job and I was applying online, it's so easy for me to check the "yes I am willing to relocate" box...well that's because I'm single. But if you're married and you have a family...easier said than done indeed...unless of course the pay is really really really high.

lazarus said...

yeah, you're right paris. It's hard to be away from loved ones.

verns, true true...unless the pay is around 6 digits.

tin-tin said...

ako i want to be relocated in cebu. promise! hehehe.

apply nas lang kaya ako sa inyo para di kayo marelocate.. hehehe ;p

lazarus said...

uy, tin! dami na rin job openings sa cebu. hirap din kaming makakuha ng mga CPAs and accounting grads.

dodongflores said...

Hi, Lazarus!
Interesting thoughts. Ako karon, nangita ug trabaho, and honestly, I am willing to be assign anywhere in the country. I had been into lots of destinations here in our country and I found all of those places fascinating.
Thanx for sharing...